Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Crawl before you walk. Or in this case register before you can be the change. Trust me i get it. Covid-19 screenings, FASFA and scholarship forms, vehicle registration renewals. Everyday it seems like there is another document to find, another signature to scribble on the dotted line. Unfortunately we all can't be North Dakota, which means voting registration is mandatory for most of us until we are able to find a more efficient way. Needless to say it can be a bit confusing as well. "How do I register". "Where are the locations". "How long do I have to register before the election". Almost 10% of unregistered voters blame the inconvenience of the system for not being registered to vote. And close to 30% percent say they plan to register but "just haven't gotten around to it". To make it a little easier I have posted a link for both Texas and Oklahoma registration sites. These sites will explain eligibility, online registration forms, and if you are currently registered.

And Oklahomans, guess what?? You can now register online with your phone, at work, or in the comfort of your own home within two minutes.

Nope! I'm not lying. Lucky you. It takes more time to sit in a fast food drive-thru waiting on an order. Now stop what you're doing and get to it! Here is the link!

Texas, not quite there with the other 30 states that are utilizing online registration but more of a reason to register. Have your voice matter on issues like these. I mean c'mon! who doesn't love convenience?

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