Does My Voice Matter?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Yes! Your voice matters. Now more than any other moment in our lifetime. But it's not just about your voice having worth. It's how you utilize it. Who are you harmonizing with to voice your concern? Is it loud enough for those in power to hear? We find ourselves in an unprecedented time. Climate change, future pandemics, disagreement on immigration, instability within foreign relations, and social injustice. These are just a few of the issues that seem to send smoke signals. Remnants of a nation in need of change but unwilling to cut ties of a past that no longer serves a sustainable future.

Millennials and the Gen Zers have gotten a bad rap for being too outspoken at times. Voicing opinions at every turn. The "speak when spoken to" mentality seemed to have died the moment we were birthed into the world. Some feel that this is a threat. A threat to our values. A threat to the natural order of things. But if our values lie with officers that abuse their authority and not the good men and women who do all they can to uphold what the position stands for then our values are misplaced. If the natural order of things pressures you to feel as if you should remain silent, to ignore and omit the atrocities that occur day to day, then the threat does not lie in those who speak against such egregious acts, because silence can be just as detrimental. It speaks volumes!

Along with our overly aggressive tendency to not use our indoor voices, the diversity we have had the fortune in growing up in has not only made our voices loud but has given them range. Our relationships with different cultures has linked us together. Invested us in one another. Our voices speak for our families, children, friends, teammates, church groups, classmates, and co-workers. They speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. For those whose platform may not be large enough to reach a certain audience. For those who may feel like you, asking "what change can my voice bring?". My response to them would be to open your mouth and find out.

The wave of voices that have flooded the nation in protest in the wake of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and now Rayshard Brooks death has sent a cultural shock to a system that has longed for rejuvenation and reform. Showing that when all communities of all colors, religions, and backgrounds come together and speak in unison the barriers that halted progress aren't as impenetrable as they once seemed.

When one group of people hurt... we all hurt. When that community flourishes it is our responsibility to speak up for others to have the same opportunity. Not only does your voice matter it effects all who surround you.

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